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NPR All Things Considered
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Commune w/Jeff Krasno
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Listen to Evelyn's recent interview for NPR's All Things Considered. (Big Tech Companies In Need Of A Fundamental Chenge To Deal With Racial Injustice)

Listen to Evelyn's recent podcast interview for Commune with Jeff Krasno. (You're {Still} a Little Bit Racist)

More Recent Interviews

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Don't Leave A Job Interview Without Asking These 4 Questions About Diversity

by Monica Torres

"The brief interactions that we have that signal that we might be devalued because of our identity, those tiny moments accumulate over time in a significant way to undermine health, well-being and performance."


What an Anti-racist Workplace Looks Like

by Sarah Todd

"For me, there’s no organization that is an anti-racist organization,” said Carter, a social psychologist and a director at Paradigm, a diversity and inclusion consultancy. The label is more of an aspiration. “Any that say that they are, they probably aren’t doing it right.”


Why Diversity Initiatives Fail

by Sarah Todd

Instead, Carter says that companies should recognize that implicit bias is hardly the only kind of bias that people may hold—and yet still treat it with the seriousness and weight it deserves.


You’re More Racist Than You Think: How Your Mental Biases Perpetuate Racism And How To Fix Them

by Misha Gajewski

“We over-index on our comfort as a sign that things are going well, as opposed to recognizing that these discussions may be inherently uncomfortable. Our comfort level is not the right metric we should be looking to for success,” added Carter.

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The Reckoning Over Workplace Racism Has Begun

by Emily Peck

“I am devastated that members of my community, as a Black person, literally had to die in order for people to listen,” said Carter. “but I’m going to take every opportunity I have to use this moment to make sure that people do not forget.”

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Carter suggests you might say something like: “There is a lot going on in our country right now, and I believe it’s important for our organization to join the conversation about how to support Black folks and combat anti-Black violence and racism. What is our organization’s plan to make our support clear, both internally and externally?”

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"In five or six years, your company should look fundamentally different because you listened to your black employees. You have done the hard work to make sure you are recruiting, retaining and promoting a diverse group of talent."

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