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Social Psychologist

“Thank you so much for breaking it DOWN!! ...Your presentation functioned on both levels [academic and tangible]…and I think my repertoire (tool box) has been expanded and deepened when it comes to social justice work, as well as, advocating for myself and others.”


– Student Affairs Officer, UCLA

"When we brought in Evelyn Carter as a speaker for “Speaking Up in the Face of Microaggressions and Implicit Bias” she immediately elevated the dialogue from sharing war stories of encountering racism and bias to a thoughtful and affirming discussion of the effects of these affronts on minority attorneys and practical ways to understand and address bias. While she did this she conveyed humor, deep intelligence and authenticity as a diversity expert, champion and catalyst with a genuine desire to help people."  


– Robert White, Executive Director, California Minority Counsel Program

“I particularly appreciated how you balanced an approachable and conversational speaking style with research-based recommendations. You validated everyone’s questions and comments and responded with a wealth of knowledge of studies…You definitely inspired me to speak out when I feel safe to do so.”


– Associate Educator, LA-area museum

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