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How do people determine whether an action is racially biased? Sometimes the answer is easy--a racial slur or membership in a hate group--but other times the answer is not as clear-cut. In these ambiguous instances, what influences our decision to label an action as biased or not? And, what happens when people from different racial groups disagree about what counts as racial bias?


about Race

What do you do when you're talking about a sensitive topic with someone who disagrees with your stance? Does it turn into a heated debate? Do you shut down and vow never to talk to that person (at least about that topic) ever again? My research works to develop strategies that people can use to engage in conversations about racial bias--even when they start to become uncomfortable.


Do I fit in here? Am I the only one struggling like this? Are there people I trust that I can go to for help? These concerns about whether they will be welcomed and supported can make it difficult for people to live, work, and perform their best. Interventions that reduce belonging uncertainty and foster intergroup engagement can help create environments that all perceive as welcoming and inclusive.


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